OPEN Call for Anthology SUBMISSIONS: Deep in the Woods | #Horror #DarkFiction #anthology #OpenCall #fiction #submission #story @Sirens_Call

Hard at work on a story for this! I couldn’t think of anything at first, but then an idea sprung into my head one night sitting on my patio as I gazed into the bleak, leafless trees behind my house. Gotta make the January 31st deadline!

The Sirens Song


Deep in the Woods

SUBMISSIONS OPEN December 1, 2021 – January 31, 2022

Be it day or night, the forest hides its secrets from our eyes. Whether you find yourself alone or with others, its innocence can be deceiving, and its inhabitants deadly. What horrors await within the wooded land where nature reigns supreme?

Be creative! Your story can be supernatural, otherworldly, creature-horror, or down-right evil.Deep in the Woodshides a playground for your imagination!

Required theme:
All stories must take place in the woods/forest and must be horror or dark fiction.

Word count & Compensation:
Stories between 4,000 – 8,000 words will be considered for payment of $25.00 USD, an ebook contributor copy, and the right to purchase an unlimited number of print books at discount.

Stories between 2,000 – 3,000 words will be considered for payment of $10.00 USD, an ebook contributor copy, and the right to…

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RELEASE: The Sirens Call eZine Winter 2021 Edition – Issue 56 | FREE Online #Horror and #DarkFic #eZine #magazine @Sirens_Call

My old school ghost story, “The Other Side of the Tracks”, made it into this edition! Click on the pic for a free download. Lots of great stories!

The Sirens Song

The Sirens Call

The 56th issue of The Sirens Call weighs in at 190 pages containing 139 pieces of dark fiction and horror in the form of short stories, flash fiction, and dark poetry! This issue also features artist Dave Dick who has shared 12 pieces of his artwork with us, including Sky Monster, which is featured on the cover. This issue also spotlights our first glimpse from cartoonist D.S. Ullery, his article A Cartoon Saved My Life, and 12 of his satirical and humorous Goulash panels. Our featured author, Mike Salt, has a bit of advice for budding or struggling authors, and has graciously offered an excerpt from his novella, The House on Harlan.

Come grab a copy! No sign-up required, no tricks when you get there, just a free Zine packed full of incredibly talented writers and artists!

Click on the cover for your #

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Ladies of Horror Flash Project – #Horror #author Jill Girardi @KandishaPress @Darc_Nina #LoH #fiction

Awesome story by the incomparable Jill Girardi, with a bit of humor at the end!

Spreading the Writer's Word

The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!


The Accursed Night
by Jill Girardi

Ah, this accursed night. I drag my clacking old bones from the consecrated soil in the Old Dutch Churchyard, where I’ve been interred since the year 1685. My withered hands pass through empty space as I scratch a phantom itch on a scalp no longer there. I shake the dust from my coattails, stomp my riding boots twice, and hear a plaintive whinny in response. My faithful black steed awaits me by the church gate, as she does every year on this eve. My pumpkin head sits astride the saddle—I hate to put the rotten thing atop the stump of my neck. My ax hangs from a saddlebag. I mount my horse and leave the boneyard.
It is at the old bridge—named for me!—that I find my first victims. Four drunken teenagers desecrate my sacred territory. They…

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Excellent opportunity for Women of Horror slasher writers. I might even try my hand at it!


With Volume 3 of our Women of Horror series doing well and Volume 4 currently in editing, we are delighted to announce our next project – Slash-Her.

Slash-Her is a Women of Horror slasher anthology which is a mixture of invite and submissions. The foreword, cover and TOC so far will all be revealed in time, but we can tell you that everyone involved is very excited about this.

I (Janine) will be editing in the main on this project but for anyone choking on their coffee at the thought of that, Jill will be holding my hand throughout the entire process.

We would like to see varied interpretations of this genre. Of course, we (Janine!) are hoping to see some splatterpunk submissions but this anthology will be filled to the brim with nuance. Wow us with your quiet horror, surprise us with your humour. You want an axe wielding…

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