Darkest Timeline-A Series

Lurking in a dark universe are many beings thought of by some as aliens to our world and by others as gods, demons, angels and the like. They were once inhabitants of our planet, but were driven off long ago. They never stopped watching us and waiting for their time to rise again to return. Their time is now…the Darkest Timeline.

A/N-I’ve decided I want to have fun with this, so I’m calling it a series instead of a novel because I want to play around with it. Along with all the reading I do, my creativity is also heavily influenced by 2 TV shows:

Anyway, along the way I will write filler episodes, bottle episodes (is that the same thing?), flash-back episodes, or whatever my heart desires. After all, this is my website and…

Darkest Timeline-Season 1

Episode 1: “The Maid”

Episode 2: “Bizarro World”

Episode 3: “Other Realms”